MLP Generation 2: Friendship Gardens

In 1997 the second generation of ponies was introduced. The poses were changed, the eyes were made of rhinestones, and the heads were movable. The ponies were slightly smaller and thinner and had longer legs than the 1982 production. This generation was not successful in the USA and was discontinued there in 1997. In other countries, this generation continued to be produced for a few more years. In the main, Earth ponies and a few Unicorn ponies were released. Outside the US, a few Pegasus ponies were produced, with removable wings in the early 2000s. There were also two baby ponies, but they were not sold in the US either.


There were a number of play sets, such as a mansion and a castle. In Europe, there were products such as "bean bag" stuffed animals, key chains, comic books, clothing, perfume, wrapping paper, and coloring books. In a game for PC, you could groom a pony and complete various "mini games."


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